Crystal Art Outfitters Launches Summer 2016 Collection


Clothing and accessories brand Crystal Art Outfitters brings Carol Roullard’s unique micro-crystal fine art prints to bikinis, bathing suits and summery dresses.

MOORPARK, CA – May 2, 2016 – Crystal Art Outfitters, a new apparel and accessories brand founded by artist Carol Roullard, released its Summer 2016 Collection today. The bikinis, one-piece bathing suits and summery dresses feature stunning scenes and patterns from photographs of homegrown crystals Ms. Roullard took through a high-power microscope. 

The garments are perfect for summer both in style and in print. Unlike many textiles, each garment of Ms. Roullard’s crystal clothing features a complete image instead of a repeatable pattern giving the wearer a unique, stunning look. 

“I chose images found in my micro-crystal art that exude a carefree lightness, perfect for summer activities,” says Founder and Artist Carol Roullard. “My customers will stand out, whether they are pool-side, enjoying the sun and salty air at the beach, or out and about for brunch or cocktails.” 

Ms. Roullard seeks to introduce those outside of the fine art scene to the amazing world of micro-crystals. She combines chemistry, micrography, photography and a keen eye for design to create remarkably unique garments and accessories.

Carol Roullard’s artwork challenges viewers to interpret new worlds, fantastic landscapes, magnificent seascapes and other unanticipated sights. “The entire process of creating my micro-crystal art truly excites me; from growing the crystals to witnessing the awe in people’s expressions when viewing an art piece, garment or fashion accessory for the first time,” says Ms. Roullard. “Everyone sees something different. People are captivated by the abstract, yet inexplicably familiar shapes and structures in the crystal formations.”


About Crystal Art Outfitters

Crystal Art Outfitters is a young fashion apparel and accessories brand incorporating real photos of micro-crystals into the prints and patterns of its products. Artist Carol Roullard grows crystals from a wide variety of chemicals including many that people are familiar with, such as baker’s vanilla and caffeine. Other chemicals include common compounds found in wine and makeup. All clothing is printed and then sewn to order. Phone and laptop cases are shipped from the United Kingdom.


About Carol Roullard

Carol Roullard is an artist and author. Currently, she has focused her artistic skills towards creating micro-crystal fine art photography and designing her clothing and accessories line. Using a high-power microscope and polarized light Ms. Roullard finds unique images that will never occur again in nature. In addition, she has co-authored eight photography-related books with her husband, Dr. Brian Matsumoto, and they are currently working on their ninth book together.

Visit to learn more about and view Carol Roullard’s fine art.




Visit the Crystal Art Outfitters media kit to download images.

Ice Phoenix Crystal Summer Dress by Crystal Art Outfitters Summer Collection 2016



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