UPROSA Scientist of the Month

From Designer and Founder, Carol Roullard:

I couldn’t be more excited about having been chosen as UPROSA’s May 2016 Scientist of the Month. UPROSA produces and sells my line of phone and laptop cases. I am incredibly honored to have my work recognized as both artistic as well as from the world of science by UPROSA.

I have always been interested in science. At one time I even considered studying plant genetics in college. Although I chose a different career path, I have remained in awe of scientific development and wished to be able to delve into scientific experimentation when the time permitted. Once I retired from my corporate career, I was able to combine both my love for science and my desire to create art and artistic products. Creating micro-crystal art allowed me to experiment with different chemicals, learn about their properties, interactions and capabilities.

Although I still consider myself on the fringes of the science world, to even be considered part of that world is a wonderful honor and thrill.

Please take a look at my page on UPROSA to see all of my smart phone and laptop cases featuring my scientific art. Be sure to use my unique code, CR1516, to save 15% off your order. Thanks for reading!



Carol Roullard
Designer and Founder, Crystal Art Outfitters


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