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Hi, my name is Carol Roullard - Crystal Art Outfitters founder and designer. First off, I just want to say how excited I am that you are here, reading this post. You've stumbled upon a personal letter here, written just to you about something I am so very passionate about. My dream to print beautiful garments and accessories with images of the crystals I create and photograph through my high-power microscope, creating a brand around these special products has finally been realized as of this year. I already print these images on a variety of materials as fine art (check out CarolRoullardArt.com).

Crystal Art Outfitters provides one-of-a-kind pieces to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Carol Roullard Designer and Founder of Crystal Art Outfitters

A bit about me, Carol

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, USA. My education was in science and math although I grew up in a household full of art appreciation. One of my earliest memories is attending a traveling Van Gogh exhibition. I vividly remember his Tree Trunks with Ivy masterpiece and the overwhelming feeling of awe that came over me. It was then that I felt a need to be involved with art.

When I got my first camera, I found that I loved finding patterns and unique structures in nature. I would spend hours looking for interesting landscapes, tree bark patterns or rock structures which invoked one’s imagination. I was fascinated by nature which grew with my passion for photography and art.

Although I became “practical” in college, majoring in the growing IT field that boasted well-paying jobs, I still continued with my photography, but only as a hobby I rarely got to enjoy. It was once I retired that I had time to rekindle my love for science and art. I was fortunate to be able to find a way to passionately merge the two. My husband, a former UCSB director of microscopy, and I had attended a presentation of images of crystals taken through the microscope using polarized light. This photography was more for scientific purposes but I was mesmerized by the extraordinary, intricate dazzling world with unique natural structures and patterns.

I sought out to master the process of creating intricate micro-crystal arrangements that captivate viewers and stimulate their imagination to interpret an abstract pattern into a familiar scene.

I frequently experiment with combining chemicals and applying different techniques, resulting in unique crystals and incredible results. Although I can't exactly take credit for the way the crystals form, I do invest a lot of time searching the field for the perfect crystalline scene.

My husband and I live in Southern California with our oddball orange tabby cat, Gunther, and very talkative African Gray parrot, Einstein. In addition, my husband and I have co-authored eight photography books together and are currently working on our ninth book.


If you'd like to find out more, feel free to get in touch! Email me at carol@crystalartoutfitters.com.



Carol Roullard
Designer and Founder, Crystal Art Outfitters

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